The Higher Ed P3 Resource Center: Information and Thought Leadership on This Dynamic Market

Brailsford & Dunlavey
(“B&D”) launched the Higher Ed P3 Resource Center in 2017 as an educational space for the whole industry—college and university leaders, developers, and other stakeholders.

Why did we make the site? We’ve been advising in the higher ed P3 space for over two decades now—and the higher ed space for 25 years—and as we watched the world of higher ed P3s grow, we noticed the lack of educational materials available. Certainly there was no central, go-to place for answers (or even the right questions to ask!). As the industry’s leading higher ed P3 advisor, we decided to develop that space.

On this resource center you’ll find 101-level materials, articles, interviews with industry stakeholders, case studies, videos, infographics, and more. The Resource Center also changes in response to the industry, itself, changing—which happens all the time, and fast! If you’re interested in working with us on a piece, please contact Doug Kotlove, Vice President of Business Development & Marketing, at

Finally, the Higher Ed P3 Resource Center is not meant to promote or endorse P3s. B&D is a program management and development advisory firm; as an advisor and owner advocate, we are agnostic as to how a project is financed—or if it happens at all. We work with clients to establish the project and details that are in their best interest. That might mean diving into a P3. Or it might not.

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