B&D in the News

B&Ders don’t just publish articles and give presentations about P3s for higher ed, they also get quoted on the topic. And B&D projects get celebrated across the country. Below is a sample of publications highlighting B&Ders and B&D in this area.


  • 2020 – B&D project Nicholson Gateway, at LSU, is recognized as the Best New Development By A College/University/Institution by Student Housing Business
  • 2020 – Brad Noyes is quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education article, “How Covid-19 Exposed the Cracks in a Public-Private Housing Deal
  • 2019 – Jeff Turner is quoted in the Haley Aldrich blog article, “Going from P3 to P4, and other trends from the P3 Higher Education Summit”
  • 2019 – Brad Noyes is featured in P3-EDU’s conference publication
  • 2019 – Brad Noyes is quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s issue brief, “The Outsourced University: How P3s Can Benefit Your Campus.” B&D’s “A Guide to Higher Ed P3s” also informed this publication
  • 2019 – Jeff Turner is quoted in Student Housing Business‘s article, “New and Vintage Appeal: Today’s campuses seek affordability and placemaking in new developments, while balancing the upkeep and care of legacy stock.”
  • 2018 – Brad Noyes is quoted in IJGlobal’s Project Finance & Infrastructure Journal, in the article “Going to school on social infra: P3 projects at universities in the US are becoming larger, more numerous, and more complicated”
  • 2018 – Brad Noyes is quoted in Student Housing Business‘s article, “On-Campus Development: The story on-campus continues to be growth in public-private partnership development…”
  • 2018 – Jeff Turner is quoted in Learning By Design / SCUP‘s article, “Not Just Student Housing: The Next Steps in Public-Private Partnerships”
  • 2018 – Student Housing Business writes an article on the Higher Ed P3 Resource Center
  • 2017 – Jeff Turner is quoted in a College Services (NACAS) article on retail dining
  • 2017 – B&D is featured in Student Housing Business (p. 46)
  • 2017 – B&D is mentioned in a Student Housing Business article on LSU’s Nicholson Gateway Project (p. 40)
  • 2017 – Jeff Turner is mentioned in Inside Higher Ed’s article, “Proliferating Partnerships”
  • 2016 – BD+C recognizes a B&Der as a national thought leader on P3 development in higher ed, as part of their 40 Under 40 class of 2016
  • 2016 – Reuters interviews Brad Noyes about the rise of the usage of P3s among higher education institutions
  • 2016 – B&D is interviewed for a Student Housing Business article called “Partnering For Success”
  • 2016 – Student Housing Business features Brad Noyes in their “Question of the Month” section discussing whether recent high-profile P3s have made more schools interested in partnering
  • 2016 – ENR Texas & Louisiana recognizes a B&Der’s P3 work, naming him to the Top 20 Under 40 for the class of 2016
  • 2016 – Crain’s Detroit Business discusses a P3 project at Wayne State University, describing B&D’s consultancy work
  • 2014 – The University Star looks at the LBJ Student Center project at Texas State University, quoting B&D
  • 2012 – B&D is interviewed by Academic Impressions for “Funding Facilities and Facilities Improvements in the Current Market”
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