B&D at Conferences

B&D has been speaking about P3s for higher ed at conferences dating back to the 90s! These days, you can find us at conferences throughout the year, sharing what we’ve experienced and learned. Hope to see you at one.



2021 – NFMA – Jeff Turner will sit on the panel “Student Housing: Finding the Silver Lining”


Past (since 2000; full list available upon request)

2021 – EACUBO – Jeff Turner co-led the workshop “Generating New Revenue Streams in Our Covid-19 Reality: Asset Monetization, Service Bundling, and P3 Partnerships”

2021 – GLACUHO – Ryan Jensen led the webinar “P3s & Covid-19: Impacts, Trends, and Perspectives”

2021 – Appalachian Energy Summit – Dave Karlsgodt keynoted

2021 – CREW Austin – Carrie Rollman sat on the panel “Public Private Partnerships”

2020 – DASNY – Ron Herbst sat on the energy-focused panel “Sustainable Project Finance and Development Opportunities for Higher Education”

2020 – P3 Government Conference – Beth Penfield will co-present “Social Infrastructure P3s & Public Engagement Success Strategies”

2020 – P3 Higher Education Summit – Jeff Turner and Brad Noyes co-moderated “P3 State of the Industry Report: A Predictable 2019, A Very Unpredictable 2020”

2020 – P3 Higher Education Summit – Rob McKenna moderated “21st Century Campus Energy Transition: Overcoming Capital Cost and Mobilization Challenges – and What Role P3s Can Play”

2020 – EACUBO – James Vigil co-presented “Optimizing Operational Effectiveness: Improving Institutional Efficiency and Revenue Generation”

2020 – P3-EDU – Paul Brailsford co-presented on “Energy Partnership Opportunities”

2020 – P3-EDU – Jeff Turner and Brad Noyes co-hosted the “Growing auxiliary revenue” roundtable

2020 – NMHC / Interface Student Housing – Jeff Turner moderated “P3 Trends and On-Campus Student Update”

2020 – NACAS – James Vigil moderated the virtual panel “Are Your Auxiliary Operations Surviving or Thriving? Evaluating Campus Auxiliary Operations to Build Crisis-Proof Business Models”

2020 – Chet Roach co-presented a webinar with Aramark called “Beyond Reopening: Rethinking Higher Education’s Financial Future”

2020 – Suffolk Sessions – Jeff Turner co-presented on “The Future of Public-Private Partnerships in Higher Education”

2020 – AOA – Matt Bohannon and Tara Bliss co-presented “How Auxiliaries are Reshaping Their Role with Campus and P3 Relationships”

2019 – P3 Higher Education Summit – Chet Roach moderated the “P3 Energy Infrastructure Solutions” panel

2019 – P3 Higher Education Summit – Jeff Turner moderated the “State of the P3 Higher Education Market” panel

2019 – GLACUHO – Ryan Jensen co-presented the webinar “P3 101 & State of the Industry Report”

2019 – NACUBO – Jeff Turner co-presented “The Journey to Alternative Funding: A Panel on Opportunity Zones, Tax Credits, and P3s”

2019 – ACUHO-I – Brad Noyes co-presented “Maximizing P3 Value: How to Effectively Transfer Risk”

2019 – ACUHO-I – Brad Noyes presented “Taking Strategic Leadership of P3 Partnerships”

2019 – ACUHO-I – Brad Noyes co-presented “Public-Private Partnerships: Solution for Some, Not Right for Others”

2019 – NACUA – Jeff Turner co-presented “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Public-Private Partnerships”

2019 – NHTI – Carrie Rollman led a session on P3s for housing officers in training

2019 – P3-EDU – Jeff Turner moderated the panel “Student Housing P3s”

2019 – P3-EDU – Brad Noyes moderated the panel “Comprehensive Campus Solutions”

2019 – NACAS webinar – Jeff Turner co-presented “Continued Conversations: State of the Higher Education P3 Industry”

2019 – P3C – Jeff Turner sat on the panel “Comparing and Contrasting P3 Delivery Models in Higher Education”

2019 – AOA – Matt Bohannon and Kim Wright presented “P3s Are Difficult. What About a P4?”

2018 – Women in Construction – B&D sat on the Public Private Partnerships panel

2018 – NACAS – Jeff Turner co-presented “State of the P3 Industry”

2018 – P3 Higher Education Summit – Carrie Rollman and Kim Wright led the roundtable “Creating a P3 to Fit Your Needs by Managing Institutional Priorities and Risks”

2018 – P3 Higher Education Summit – Jeff Turner and Brad Noyes co-presented “State of the Higher Education P3 Market: 2018 Update”

2018 – P3 Higher Education Summit – Brad Noyes co-presented “Politics in P3s—and How They Impact Risk Assessment”

2018 – ACUHO-I – Jeff Turner and Mekenzie Hord presented, “State of the Higher Ed P3 Industry: 2017-18 Detailed Report Analysis”

2018 – ACUHO-I – Brad Noyes co-presented “Assessment and Planning Using a Real Estate Perspective: The UNC Story”

2018 – ACUHO-I – Katie Karp co-presented “Public-Private Partnerships: The Relationship Beyond Financial Close”

2018 – NHTI – Carrie Rollman led a session on P3s for housing officers in training

2018 – NHTI – Joe Winters led a session on P3s for housing officers in training

2018 – InterFace Student Housing – Jeff Turner moderated the panel “The State of On-Campus Student Housing (And What It Means For Off-Campus Owners & Operators)”

2018 – P3 EDU – Brad Noyes moderated a panel

2018 – Florida Council for P3s – B&D presented “Successful Partnerships: Effective Due Diligence on Prospective Development Partners for Your P3”

2018 – P3 Conference – Beth Penfield and Chet Roach presented “Town-Gown-Developer Collaboration: An Emerging Partnership Model”

2018 – P3 Conference – Brad Noyes presented on the “Starting from Step One – A Roadmap to a Successful P3” panel

2018 – P3 Conference – B&D presented on the “P3 Considerations in the Early Stages” panel

2018 – ACUHO-I’s Senior Housing Officer Institute – Brad Noyes co-presented “Ancillary Partnerships: Public/Private Partnerships”

2017 – Student Housing Business Interface Conference – Katie Karp presented “How Big is the Higher Ed P3 Market, and Where is it Headed?”

2017 – Student Housing Business Interface Conference – B&D moderated a panel on “The College and University Perspective on P3s”

2017 – DBIA Florida Region – B&D sat on a panel covering an “Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships”

2017 – P3 Bulletin Awards – B&D attended as a finalist for the P3 Technical Advisor of the Year award; B&D sat on the judge’s panel in another category

2017 – P3 Higher Education – Brad Noyes and Jeff Turner gave the keynote address and moderated a panel titled “State of the P3 Higher Education Industry”

2017 – P3 Higher Education – B&D moderated a panel titled “Partnership Beyond Financial Close”

2017 – P3 Higher Education – Carrie Rollman presented “Driving Value and Reducing Risk through Project Definition”

2017 – SCUP – Jeff Turner co-presented “Different Models and Best Practices for P3 Projects”

2017 – NACUBO – B&D presented “Public-Private Partnerships: Navigating Structure, Risks, and Outcomes”

2017 – ACUHO-I – Brad Noyes hosted a panel

2017 – NHTI – B&D led a session on P3s for housing officers in training

2017 – NHTI – Brad Noyes led a session on P3s for housing officers in training

2017 – DASNY – Jeff Turner presented “Alternative Methods for Financing & Delivering Student Housing”

2017 – P3C Conference – Brad Noyes presented “Structuring P3s for Campus Infrastructure Projects”

2017 – SEAHO – B&D co-presented “P3 Operations – Institution Vision vs. Partner Control”

2017 – New England Bureau of Higher Education – Brad Noyes presented “The Future of P3s”

2016 – ACUHO-I – Brad Noyes co-presented “Public Private Partnerships (PPP): A Snapshot Into Experience”

2016 – ACUHO-I – Ryan Jensen co-presented “P3 Isn’t Always the Best Option”

2016 – Florida Council for P3s – Brad Noyes co-presented a P3 101

2016 – NHTI – Brad Noyes presented “Master Planning & Public Private Partnerships”

2016 – P3 Conference – B&D attended

2016 – ITGA Annual Conference – Ryan Jensen presented “Planning a Satellite Campus as a Strategy to Engage Broader Community”

2016 – Interface On-Campus Housing – Brad Noyes moderated a panel called “The State of Housing – A look at Issues & Trends Impacting On-Campus Housing”

2015 – Athletic Business Conference – B&D co-presented “The Current and Future Impact of P3 Deals on Campus and Community Recreation Centers”

2015 – Florida Council for P3s – Brad Noyes presented “Finding the Elusive Revenue Stream to Make P3 Work”

2015 – P3 Connect – Brad Noyes presented “P3s in Higher Ed Housing”

2015 – SCUP – Brad Noyes co-presented “Evaluating and Selecting the Right Alternative Capital Project Delivery Method”

2015 – SCUP – B&D presented “Three Public Universities Find Different Answers to Capital Project Delivery”

2015 – ACUHO-I – Jeff Turner presented “Keeping Housing Affordable: Alternative Financing Through Non-Traditional Funding”

2015 – Florida Council for P3s – Brad Noyes presented “Finding the Elusive Revenue Stream to Make P3s Work”

2015 – Catalyst Forum – B&D hosted this forum addressing the topic of multi-sponsor employee housing among participants from higher education institutions, city agencies, and other local organizations

2015 – NHTI – B&D attended

2014 – SEAHO – Joe Winters co-presented “Achieving Vision in a New Financial Climate”

2014 – SCUP South – Brad Noyes hosted a panel called “Three Public Universities Find Different Answers to Capital Project Delivery”

2014 – Athletic Business Conference – Joe Winters presented “Why Do They Keep Asking Me Questions?: Role of the Owner During Design & Construction”

2014 – SCUP – Brad Noyes co-presented “P3 Making it Happen” and moderated the panel “Three Public Universities Find Different Answers to Capital Project Delivery”

2013 – TACUHO – Joe Winters presented “Building Community Through Student Housing”

2013 – New York State MWBE – B&D sat on a panel titled “Design Build & P3s: Big Projects and Small Company Opportunities”

2013 – North American Energy & Infrastructure Finance Forum – B&D sat on a panel titled “How Can Social Infrastructure Projects Benefit From the PPP Approach?”

2013 – SCUP North Central – Kim Martin presented “The Affordable Student Housing Challenge”

2013 – NHTI – Brad Noyes presented “Planning for Housing & Residence Life”

2013 – ITGA – Jeff Turner co-presented “International Town-Gown Assessment: Annual Survey 2013”

2013 – OACUBO – Kim Martin co-presented “From Dream to Reality: Public/Private Partnerships”

2013 – North Carolina State Building Commission – Brad Noyes presented “Sources & Methods of Project Funding”

2012 – NACAS – Joe Winters co-presented “Key Ingredients for Making Bold Recipes: Vision, Market Demand, and Funding”

2012 – Student Housing Business Operations Exchange – Brad Noyes presented “State of the Off-Campus Development Market”

2012 – SEAHO – Ryan Jensen presented “Achieving Strategic Housing Objectives Through Master Planning”

2012 – Academic Impressions – B&D co-presented “To P3, or Not to P3, Understanding the Question”

2009 – ACUHO-I – Jeff Turner co-presented “The Current State of Public-Private Partnerships: Does It Make More or Less Sense in These Turbulent Financial Times?”

2007 – NACUBO – Paul Brailsford led a roundtable on “Athletics and Recreation Public-Private Partnerships”

2007 – NACUBO – Jeff Turner presented “Essentials of Partnering: Process, Process, Process”

2006 – NACUBO – Paul Brailsford presented “Outsourcing Strategies: Why Make It Happen? How to Make It Happen!”

2004 – ACUHO-I/APPA – Paul Brailsford presented “Privatized Student Housing: Why Make It Happen? How to Make It Happen!”

2003 – NACAS – B&D presented “Privatization: Celebrating New Forms of Partnering”

1999 – ACUHO-I – B&D presented “Student Housing – Privatization, Challenges and Opportunities”