B&D at Conferences

B&D has been speaking about P3s for higher ed at conferences dating back to the 90s! These days, you can find us at several conferences a year (over a dozen in 2017!), sharing what we’ve experienced and learned. Hope to see you at one.



September 2018 – P3 Higher Education Summit – Brian Hanlon and Beth Penfield to present


Past (since 2000; full list available upon request)

2018 – ACUHO-I – Jeff Turner and Mekenzie Hord presented, “State of the Higher Ed P3 Industry: 2017-18 Detailed Report Analysis”

2018 – ACUHO-I – Brad Noyes co-presented “Assessment and Planning Using a Real Estate Perspective: The UNC Story”

2018 – ACUHO-I – Katie Karp co-presented “Public-Private Partnerships: The Relationship Beyond Financial Close”

2018 – NHTI – Carrie Rollman led a session on P3s for housing officers in training

2018 – NHTI – Joe Winters led a session on P3s for housing officers in training

2018 – InterFace Student Housing – Jeff Turner moderated the panel “The State of On-Campus Student Housing (And What It Means For Off-Campus Owners & Operators)”

2018 – P3 EDU – Brad Noyes moderated a panel

2018 – Florida Council for P3s – Cassia Sookhoo presented “Successful Partnerships: Effective Due Diligence on Prospective Development Partners for Your P3”

2018 – P3 Conference – Beth Penfield and Chet Roach presented “Town-Gown-Developer Collaboration: An Emerging Partnership Model”

2018 – P3 Conference – Brad Noyes presented on the “Starting from Step One – A Roadmap to a Successful P3” panel

2018 – P3 Conference – B&D presented on the “P3 Considerations in the Early Stages” panel

2018 – ACUHO-I’s Senior Housing Officer Institute – Brad Noyes co-presented “Ancillary Partnerships: Public/Private Partnerships”

2017 – Student Housing Business Interface Conference – Katie Karp presented “How Big is the Higher Ed P3 Market, and Where is it Headed?”

2017 – Student Housing Business Interface Conference – B&D moderated a panel on “The College and University Perspective on P3s”

2017 – DBIA Florida Region – Cassia Sookhoo sat on a panel covering an “Introduction to Public-Private Partnerships”

2017 – P3 Bulletin Awards – B&D attended as a finalist for the P3 Technical Advisor of the Year award; B&D sat on the judge’s panel in another category

2017 – P3 Higher Education – Brad Noyes and Jeff Turner gave the keynote address and moderated a panel titled “State of the P3 Higher Education Industry”

2017 – P3 Higher Education – B&D moderated a panel titled “Partnership Beyond Financial Close”

2017 – P3 Higher Education – Carrie Rollman presented “Driving Value and Reducing Risk through Project Definition”

2017 – SCUP – Jeff Turner co-presented “Different Models and Best Practices for P3 Projects”

2017 – NACUBO – B&D presented “Public-Private Partnerships: Navigating Structure, Risks, and Outcomes”

2017 – ACUHO-I – Brad Noyes hosted a panel called “Public-Private Partnerships (PPP): A Snapshot into Experience”

2017 – NHTI – B&D led a session on P3s for housing officers in training

2017 – NHTI – Brad Noyes led a session on P3s for housing officers in training

2017 – DASNY – Jeff Turner presented “Alternative Methods for Financing & Delivering Student Housing”

2017 – P3C Conference – Brad Noyes presented “Structuring P3s for Campus Infrastructure Projects”

2017 – SEAHO – Eric Bram co-presented “P3 Operations – Institution Vision vs. Partner Control”

2017 – New England Bureau of Higher Education – Brad Noyes presented “The Future of P3s”

2016 – ACUHO-I – Brad Noyes co-presented “Public Private Partnerships (PPP): A Snapshot Into Experience”

2016 – ACUHO-I – Ryan Jensen co-presented “P3 Isn’t Always the Best Option”

2016 – Florida Council for P3s – Brad Noyes co-presented a P3 101

2016 – NHTI – Brad Noyes presented “Master Planning & Public Private Partnerships”

2016 – P3 Conference – B&D attended

2016 – ITGA Annual Conference – Ryan Jensen presented “Planning a Satellite Campus as a Strategy to Engage Broader Community”

2016 – Interface On-Campus Housing – Brad Noyes moderated a panel called “The State of Housing – A look at Issues & Trends Impacting On-Campus Housing”

2015 – Athletic Business Conference – Ann Drummie co-presented “The Current and Future Impact of P3 Deals on Campus and Community Recreation Centers”

2015 – Florida Council for P3s – Brad Noyes presented “Finding the Elusive Revenue Stream to Make P3 Work”

2015 – P3 Connect – Brad Noyes presented “P3s in Higher Ed Housing”

2015 – SCUP – Brad Noyes co-presented “Evaluating and Selecting the Right Alternative Capital Project Delivery Method”

2015 – SCUP – B&D presented “Three Public Universities Find Different Answers to Capital Project Delivery”

2015 – ACUHO-I – Jeff Turner presented “Keeping Housing Affordable: Alternative Financing Through Non-Traditional Funding”

2015 – Florida Council for P3s – Brad Noyes presented “Finding the Elusive Revenue Stream to Make P3s Work”

2015 – Catalyst Forum – B&D hosted this forum addressing the topic of multi-sponsor employee housing among participants from higher education institutions, city agencies, and other local organizations

2015 – NHTI – B&D attended

2014 – SEAHO – Joe Winters and Eric Bram co-presented “Achieving Vision in a New Financial Climate”

2014 – SCUP South – Brad Noyes hosted a panel called “Three Public Universities Find Different Answers to Capital Project Delivery”

2014 – Athletic Business Conference – Joe Winters presented “Why Do They Keep Asking Me Questions?: Role of the Owner During Design & Construction”

2014 – SCUP – Brad Noyes co-presented “P3 Making it Happen” and moderated the panel “Three Public Universities Find Different Answers to Capital Project Delivery”

2013 – TACUHO – Joe Winters presented “Building Community Through Student Housing”

2013 – New York State MWBE – B&D sat on a panel titled “Design Build & P3s: Big Projects and Small Company Opportunities”

2013 – North American Energy & Infrastructure Finance Forum – B&D sat on a panel titled “How Can Social Infrastructure Projects Benefit From the PPP Approach?”

2013 – SCUP North Central – Kim Martin presented “The Affordable Student Housing Challenge”

2013 – NHTI – Brad Noyes presented “Planning for Housing & Residence Life”

2013 – ITGA – Jeff Turner co-presented “International Town-Gown Assessment: Annual Survey 2013”

2013 – OACUBO – Kim Martin co-presented “From Dream to Reality: Public/Private Partnerships”

2013 – North Carolina State Building Commission – Brad Noyes presented “Sources & Methods of Project Funding”

2012 – NACAS – Joe Winters and Eric Bram co-presented “Key Ingredients for Making Bold Recipes: Vision, Market Demand, and Funding”

2012 – Student Housing Business Operations Exchange – Brad Noyes presented “State of the Off-Campus Development Market”

2012 – SEAHO – Ryan Jensen presented “Achieving Strategic Housing Objectives Through Master Planning”

2012 – Academic Impressions – B&D co-presented “To P3, or Not to P3, Understanding the Question”

2009 – ACUHO-I – Jeff Turner co-presented “The Current State of Public-Private Partnerships: Does It Make More or Less Sense in These Turbulent Financial Times?”

2007 – NACUBO – Paul Brailsford led a roundtable on “Athletics and Recreation Public-Private Partnerships”

2007 – NACUBO – Jeff Turner presented “Essentials of Partnering: Process, Process, Process”

2006 – NACUBO – Paul Brailsford presented “Outsourcing Strategies: Why Make It Happen? How to Make It Happen!”

2004 – ACUHO-I/APPA – Paul Brailsford presented “Privatized Student Housing: Why Make It Happen? How to Make It Happen!”

2003 – NACAS – Alan Resnick presented “Privatization: Celebrating New Forms of Partnering”

1999 – ACUHO-I – Alan Resnick presented “Student Housing – Privatization, Challenges and Opportunities”